About Ami

Ami Sheth Sagel, Attorney at Law

A Southern California native, Ami received her B.A. from Claremont McKenna College and law degree from University of Chicago Law School. After a few years at Kirkland & Ellis, a large corporate law firm, in New York, Ami moved back home to California to work as a federal prosecutor at the US Attorney’s Office (first in Los Angeles, then Riverside). As a prosecutor, Ami’s work mainly focused on cases involving vulnerable individuals, often women and children who had been victims of crimes of sexual violence and sex trafficking.

Why I Entered the Field of Family Formation:

“Although I loved having my career as a prosecutor, I wanted to help people in a different way. I have always been a proponent of adoption and hope to one day adopt myself. My work in this area matters to me, as do the people I help. At the end of each case, my goal is always to walk away having made each party involved better off. I believe that should be the goal of every family formation case.”